Chill Out! And other things...

Discussion about administrative actions taken in the chat room.

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Chill Out! And other things...

Post by TiGgEr » 3 years ago

Okay everybody, time for a little rant, I have a tendency to be long-winded so I'm just going to try and keep this short and to the point, some names will be mentioned and other points will be more general but this needs to be said!

Rainbow, you've got to stop fighting with people, this past week you've got into 5 fights where you have cussed people out, if you were not a regular, you would have booted already, you need to check yourself and use ignore more, no more excuses!

boynamedsue, you are not a moderator, stop trying to moderate, don't tell people what to do and if there is a moderator present, let them handle it, you're not helping when you but in!

chatty, feels like everyday lately you are doing the "nobody likes me, do you even want me here?" Thing, every day we tell you yes, it's getting old, enough already, we want you here so stop and just join in!

janeway63, chatty goes in and out the chat all of the time, we see this, we don't need a comment every time it happens, you are adding to the problem! Please stop!

To the typing police, seriously? With the multitude of disabilities and assistive devices and technologies our members might use, members with palsy, spasticity, TBI's, strokes and dodgy dragons, do we really need to be criticising people's spelling? Chill out!

Addiction, yes, we have members addicted to prescription medication, pain medication prescribed by doctors they need to function, if I see any more "junkie" style name-calling, you might find yourself removed!

Criticising people's mental acuity based on their typing, yes, its been happening, again seriously? In a room full of disabilities where people have traumatic brain injuries, strokes, learning disabilities, language problems or just English not being their first language, stop with the criticism, if you haven't understood something whether through spelling or grammar, simply ask them to repeat or explain themselves and do so kindly,

attacking new people, this has to stop, this problem periodically rears its ugly head, you can find another post on the attack mentality and the attack mentality revisited, I'm going to be blunt, have you not noticed how many people we have lost this year whether it be from them leaving or passing away!?
Disabilities-r-us will not survive without new members, it will dwindle into a small group of hard-core chatters that will not be able to come up with the donations needed or just be so small it doesn't justify the work and time needed to keep the room open!
I'll also add this, if we ever get to that point because we have been such assholes as to chase all new members away, I can pretty much guarantee those who help keep disabilities-r-us open by volunteering their time and effort, would withdraw said time and effort forcing the room to close!
I cannot speak for others, but I will not volunteer my time so everybody can treat the chat room like a school playground filled with bickering and fighting, cliques and snarky comments!

Ignore, if you are using it on somebody, be discreet, it completely invalidates the purpose of avoiding drama when you mention the people you have ignored causing more drama, if you feel you are being ignored pleas just accept that for whatever reason that person has done so to avoid drama, you may have said something to cause them to use ignore or maybe they were just in a bad mood that day, but they did the mature thing and tried to avoid conflict and drama!

And to everybody in general, Chill Out Already! Everybody seems so tightly wound you are just jumping on each other for the smallest of reasons, focus a little more on relaxing, take more breaks, eat more chocolate or listen to more music, whatever you need to do to enhance your calm! You're supposed to enjoy your time in disabilities-r-us but for good reasons, not negative ones!

And a Merry Christmas what least offends you to everyone!

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Post by Ragman » 3 years ago

Way to go,  Tigger, 
Please guys,  I need this chatroom. 

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Post by Coll » 3 years ago

I know I've only here a short time, but like Ragman, I also need this chat room. 

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Post by Angela50 » 3 years ago

Way2go TiGer Appreciate Everything U Do &Say!!!!

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Post by Ghost » 3 years ago

Good post,and Im very late to reply.
I agree.

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