Disabilities-R-Us Part Five

Today the Disabilities-R-Us website was updated for the fifth time in 18 years.  The new site was created using UIKit as the framework which makes it a lot cleaner looking and it works flawlessly on all computers and devices.  For security concious people, you can also use SSL (https, instead of http).

At some point this year, a new update to our Windows chat software will also be released.

Code Signing Certificate

Good news!  We just got our 5 year Code Signing Certificate from KSoftware.  What this means to our users is that as of the next update to the chat software there will be no more scary false security warnings.  Thanks to KSoftware and account rep Mitchell for getting this all in motion.

Chat room abbreviations

New people keep asking so here is the list of most commonly used abbreviations in our chat room.

BRB     Be Right Back
BBL   Be Back Later
BBS   Be Back Soon
BBIAB   Be Back In A Bit
YVW   You're Very Welcome
YW   You're Welcome
PMSL   Pee Myself Laughing
LMAO   Laugh My Ass Off
LOL   Laughing Out Loud
ROFL   Roll On Floor Laughing
HB   Hurry Back
TC   Take Care
WB   Welcome Back
TY   Thank You


New Software Release

We are pleased to announce the release of Disabilities-R-Us Chat Software v3.0.

To make your online chat experience safer and more enjoyable, we have developed our own custom Disabilities-R-Us Chat software. If you are wondering why you should install it, here's the scoop:

  • Easy to Use - Disabilities-R-Us Chat Software is very easy to use.  Even if you consider yourself completely computer illiterate, you will have no problem installing and using Disabilities-R-Us Chat.  We want to get you chatting as easily as possible.
  • More Rooms - If you want to chat with your friends or family in another private room, no problem!  You can even talk in multiple rooms and in private all at once.
  • Adjustable Font Sizes - Make your fonts as large or as small as you need to read comfortably.
  • Optional Audio Assistance  - The careful use of unobnoxious sounds for specific events also makes your chat experience nicer and easier for visually impaired users.  If you do not need audio assistance or if you just don't like sounds, you can easily turn them off.
  • Optional On-screen Keyboard - Includes an optional on-screen keyboard for mobility impaired users.
  • Works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • Absolutely Free - Use Disabilities-R-Us Chat as much as you want and for as long as you want.  It's totally free and it will always be that way.
  • It's Safe - Disabilities-R-Us Chat does not contain any adware or spyware and is virus free.  No hidden surprises.  It's free and that is that. 

Disabilities-R-Us Chat Software Screenshot

Easy Download Instructions

Chat software development II

It took about a month longer than planned, but I finally purchased the most recent copy of Delphi.

The reasons for the delay were multiple.  The average development/release cycle for Delphi is about 13 months.  Since it was coming up on that time anways, I decided to sit and wait.  Though I could have purchased the current version, upgrading would have cost another $500 so it was just worth waiting for.  Early on I was talking to a company insider about possibly even getting the software donated entirely (which I could then purchase even more devlopment tools or even this years hosting expenses) but that person simply stopped responding to my emails.  I have no idea why.

So, the Delphi XE3 software will be delivered tomorrow and I can get back to working on the chat software update.

If you have ideas for features, now would be the time to offer suggestions.