Pets and Disability

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Pets and Disability

Post by ake9470 » 1 year ago

Hello! My doctoral project is focused on creating pet care educational materials for people with physical, cognitive, medical, and mental health conditions/limitations. Research in this area is very limited and there are very limited materials for how to care for a pet when you are differently-abled. This is where you all come in! Please share the attached survey and complete it if you have experienced a disability, medical condition, mental health illness, physical or cognitive limitation, or injury that has impacted your ability to own or care for a pet. This includes everything from anxiety, a hip replacement, and cancer treatment to spinal cord injury, intellectual disorders, and traumatic brain injury.
Pets are an amazing source of companionship and improve quality of life for so many people. Let's all do what we can to make sure everyone has the opportunity to experience all the joy a pet can offer :) Thanks for your support! ... sp=sf_link

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Post by reynoldston » 6 months ago

I find that pets are consent care in which is very hard to do when you are handicap. I lost my 17 year old cat to kidney disease in which it broke my heart. But I find without the litter box cleaning, feeding and vet bills it makes life easier and I never want to go through a other death of a pet at 80 years old. Do the math for and other pet and who will care for it when I pass on???

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