new here and looking for friends

Looking for love or just new friends? This is the place to meet them and greet them.
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Jimmy no-knees

new here and looking for friends

Post by Jimmy no-knees » 6 years ago

I'm 35/m, single, stuck at home more than i would like to be ;) I'd like to meet some friends to chat with who understand what it's like to have a problem that won't allow us to interact in the traditional way. Who knows, more than friends could be made! either way, thanks for reading, and have a great evening.

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Post by daniel » 6 years ago

Hey Jimmy, you should consider coming into the chat room. :)

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Post by quirkygirl30 » 3 years ago

Hey Jimmy I'm 35 too. can't believe I waited so long to find a forum like this.
  I was never one to complain, but after twenty some years I decided to finally find some outlet to vent my frustrations about the inadequacy, or total lack thereof, handicapped accessibility in some places.  And I never had a  penpal yeah my names Molly, hope to hear back soon :-)

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Post by Coll » 3 years ago

We have a lot of fun in the chat room.  It is a real great place to meet new friends, get information, and just talk and socialize.

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