Fakers, Moderators and Drama!

Discussion about administrative actions taken in the chat room.

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Fakers, Moderators and Drama!

Post by TiGgEr » 4 years ago

I have noticed a recent trend in the room where new people are being suspected of being fake, not only are they being suspected of , and this is where the problem lies, they are being called out on it!

The people doing this are not moderators, they have no tools on which to make educated guesses or decisions, they are going on gut feeling, when these so-called fake people are called out, drama ensues, and lots of it, often resulting with the accused never returning and all of this is a very big problem!

One part of the problem is that undermines what the moderators are here to do, myself, the moderators, and Daniel to this day have not only the tools to make better decisions on who is fake or not, but we also have what I'm going to call the "right stuff"
the "right stuff" is one of the things which is sought in a moderator, it is many things, but it's also the ability to look deeper into a situation, to think about things, to have an instinct which is a little more intuitive than others.

This does not mean that we do not rely on active members giving us tips, reporting people, showing us a transcript of a saved conversation, these things are important especially in reaffirming a suspicion which has not yet been acted upon, they are an important part, we try to listen, and when deemed necessary take action.

But we usually try to do this discreetly, often the "bad apples" disappear overnight without incident, and we find this the best method to deal with them, the ultimate goal is keeping the chat room drama free, because drama scares away not only new members, but long-term members as well! Drama is bad, it's what causes other chat rooms to close, it is one of the things that will close this chat room if one day it were ever to get so out of hand that nobody is willing to oversee such a such a mess which is why we do our best to avoid it!

I will actually ask of you in this post to always think about that, before typing something questionable into the room, "am I adding to the drama?" And if you are honest with yourself, and find yourself answering yes, and on top of this it happens frequently, think about that, about what it says about you, and how you are contributing to the group!

But back to my point, there are systems in place to deal with fake people, with fetishists, the unsavoury, the "bad apples" systems you may be unaware of, or maybe you are aware of them and choose to ignore them? Please allow the systems to perform their function, allow us to do what we have been doing very successfully for 18 years to keep the room free of these "bad apples" and subsequently keep the room drama free!

Remember you have the tools to ignore people, to ignore these individuals, you have the tools to save conversations which may bring to light such individuals and these conversations should be given to the admin or the moderators to be reviewed, remember that you have a call waiting feature in the chat room software which can block you from receiving private messages without ignoring anybody in the room, it allows you to screen your incoming private messages and please please remember not to engage in drama, not to go looking for drama or be the cause of drama!
Those who have been the centre of too much drama in the past have also been removed!

So please, stop attacking people, be patient, report your suspicions to the admin and the moderators if necessary, use the tools provided, and stay away from the drama!

Thank you

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Post by daniel » 4 years ago

One thing I would like to re-emphasize:
  • If you need to use the chatroom's ignore feature, please help maintain the peace by not mentioning that fact to anyone and by not talking to or about the person you are ignoring.
Announcing to the world that you are ignoring someone is adding drama.  Plus, if someone is bothering you in PM, just ignore them without scolding them in the room.  Scolding adds nothing but drama.  Just ignore them and leave it be.

This is from our Etiquette Guide.

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