Regarding Alan / Alan_League / etc

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Regarding Alan / Alan_League / etc

Post by TiGgEr » 6 years ago

The following is to clarify the reasons and actions taken towards Alan but also to point out that this was by no means a decision made lightly, it weighed heavily on my conscience but overall I have to consider the best interests of the room as a whole and not those of one individual.

Alan is being permanently removed from the group for the following reasons.

Starting from the beginning, Alan joined the group around April 2011, 3 years ago now as we are in April 2014 ... in this time he has failed to integrate into the room despite the best efforts of the group as a whole, individual efforts, and those of the dis-r-us team.

In these three years he has barely made it past asking what we are talking about on a daily basis, stating himself he has trouble following the flow of the chat as well as stating himself not understanding how chat rooms work.

There have been a few isolated incidents where we have got him to talk about his artwork which is great, and movies, but these are isolated incidents!

Most evenings he just engages in disruptive behaviour, when people stop responding to his persistent and repetitive questions of "what is going on?" he starts leaving and re-entering over and over, forcing us to greet him over and over, repeating the same questions and statements over and over to the point of extremity and forcing the dis-r-us team to ban him until the next day!

On April 4, this occurred 50 times in one evening, 50 times the group had to endure saying hello and greeting him, and 50 times his questions and statements of what is everybody doing and what is everybody talking about... and this is not an isolated incident.

Some other examples
April 3rd, he came and went 22 times in one hour
March 31st, he left and re-entered 25 times in two hours
March 30th it was 29 times in a similar time period and etc etc etc

If you have been present regularly during the afternoons and evenings over the last several months, you will probably be able to testify for yourself and acknowledge said behaviour, if you have not been present yourself, ask somebody who has.

On average it can happen between 16 and 24 times any given 3 to 4 hour period on any given day of the week! It's just too much, especially when he admits to using it as a means to get attention!

You also might have noticed the frequency of which he changes his name/nick. He uses this basically as his own personal mood ring sometimes changing several times in one evening. Now although some of us have become accustomed to these name changes, there are those who have not, and each time he changes his name, he has to be newly identified to those people, something else which happens frequently and has a disruptive nature of the flow and purpose of the room which is conversation!

Not that changing your name is against the rules, it is just something that is discouraged for the very reasons I have just expressed. Every time somebody changes their name over the next three days the exact same conversation will be repeated several times over for each different time group which is about who that person is and why the name was changed,

Alan has changed his name so many times Daniel, who is still running technical aspects of the room has had to erase the log of name changes for Alan as it got excessively large, for the sake of this argument some of you may recognise the following: Alan, Alan_League, Wolfman, Wolfman_Alan, Alan_Taurus, Alan_wwe_night, Alan_stress_out, Alan_music_on,  Alan_here,  Alan_confused,  and I have only searched as far back as March 2014, I will leave it to you to imagine how many there have been over three years!

Now despite the many definitions that the room may encompass, we are primarily a topic oriented interest group for the disabled, a social group, and not a support group for the disabled with behavioural problems and this is what I need to keep in mind when making decisions! Alan has become a chore for the disabilities-r-us team which I have to remind are all volunteers, whose purpose is to keep the harmony and flow of the chat room moving forward, they are not babysitters and is unfair to ask them to be so, as a group we have gone above and beyond to try and integrate him, individuals have gone above and beyond to try and bring him into the group, and here we are at three years later still having the same issues with him we had his very first week!

Ultimately, after much deliberation I have come to the decision that disabilities-r-us it's just not the place for him, the disruptive nature, the work it has become, and the arguments it has caused amongst ourselves due to different opinions has been endured too long, for the sake of the greater good it has to come to an end. It is unfortunate but it is a way of things, I hope everybody understands.

Derek / TiGgEr
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Post by daniel » 6 years ago

I shouldn't have to say this but I know I do.  If you are on Alan's friends list on Facebook, try to turn this whole situation into something beneficial to him rather than encourage him to have hatred for those who really did give it their all over these years.  Nobody hates this man so don't make him hate us.  Help him!  Teach him!  Encourage him!

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