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USA congress does 3 things to mess up disabled

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USA congress does 3 things to mess up disabled

Post by Saunter » 4 years ago

USA congress messes up disabled in 3 ways. #1. LAW $2000 resource saving limit.  It Needs to catch up with cost of living for a number of years past and then follow cola upward each year.  That would make disabled less a burden as we would be able to use banks to save money.  #2. Congress has made a CHART of living expenses for the disabled.  Property taxes are not in the chart  which is a problem since we are allowed to own a home.  Unpaid property taxes results in homelessness.  Needs legislate so that chart will include property taxes.  #3.  Congress made a LIST of things that don't count against you. This list does not include property taxes.  Since property taxes are a fact of life for all even disabled.
  It as if for congress property taxes don't exist although for the county they do and if unpaid causes homelessness. There are over 8 million disabled in USA.

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Post by raddad » 4 years ago

Pay property tax each month rather than once a year.  Solves the savings issue and the tax issue.

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