Lack of Fulfillment/Quality of Life after becoming disabled

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Lack of Fulfillment/Quality of Life after becoming disabled

Post by Tornado » 2 years ago

I find that after becoming disabled my quality of life has gone down and I generally feel unfulfilled day to day. I have suffered from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities since 2012 and I have a great deal of pain day to day. The area I live in is not very fulfilling (Indianapolis, IN). I would like to move but I find that the health ailments I suffer from monopolize my energy and prevent me from planning a move to a better city.
Has anyone else gone through things like this? Does anyone else have MCS? I find that resources for disabled people in this area tend to be lacking. I rarely see anyone else who has a physical disability.

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Post by Coll » 2 years ago

I understand your chemical sensitivity. It can be very hard to adapt. One thing I've done is remove as many chemicals from my house as possible. I clean my house totally with organic cleansers. My clothes are washed in an organic detergent. I've found that the fewer chemicals I'm exposed to on a regular basis the better I tolerate and recover when I go out in public. I'm fortunate to live in a fairly remote area so my air is clear of a lot of pollutants. I've also gone natural as much as possible on my medical treatments.

As far as life fulfillment goes, I've changed what I expect from life and look for things that can be fulfilling with my limitations. I'll admit that it doesn't always work, but for the most part I'm content with my life.

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Post by Barry » 2 years ago

Although I do not have chemical sensitivity like you, your post did strike a chord with me. In 2013 my life was ruined by spinal damage at C4/5 and the resulting paralysis, spasticity and double incontinence. Trying to recover a few shreds of normality - a few fragments of my life as it used to be - has been vital in retrieving a will to live. Although my quality of life remains dreadful I just remind myself that I have no alternative.

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