Disability discrimination, part 2

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Cactus Jack
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Disability discrimination, part 2

Post by Cactus Jack » 3 years ago

In a previous discrimination thread I replied, but felt that the details in my issues were not proper as a response.

I have several problems with the discrimination issue.

One problem-
One of my problems is when the people in church "don't understand" my disability.  Ok, so I used to tell them "traumatic brain injury is the primary impairment with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a secondary impairment."  And they STILL do not understand.  Their response is always, literally, "Oh!  You're on social security!"  And there have been a couple times I would just tell people WHERE my money comes from.  And all of a sudden they "now understand" that I have a disability.  And I'll ask them about it.  Their response?  "Oh, I understand that you are facing hard times!"  Now, the woman (and it is women literally 99% of the time) somehow "knows" what my impairments and disabilities are JUST by knowing where my money comes from.  No, she's a prostitute.  If that offends her they she can explain why she needs to know about my money to understand that I have impairments.  (I commonly use impairments/disability interchangeably).  And when I make reference to "prostitute", it is actually a clean term for what I call them, and I am justified in saying that.  In fact, in fall of 2015 I completed an academic study in prostitution.  I may not be any kind of authority on the subject, but I ain't no dummy on what it's all about.  I just do not refer to "legitimate" prostitutes in unclean vulgar terms as I understand their plight/choice far better than most people.

Another problem-
One day a female mail carrier and myself was in a discussion about school.  he asked me about my income.  I told her I don't talk about that with people because it's no one's business.  She said it was her business because she works for the USPS.  I told her in very unclean language how I see that, and left.  She started mishandling my mail, and so I filed a grievance.  Then she went to my landlord, and he told me to back off or I can move out.  Well, I know that is illegal, so I filed a second grievance against her.  He then accused me of threatening to kill federal employees.  I have this recorded.
Bam.  I filed another grievance. 
Bam, he kicks me out.

I suppose I could have waited until I was formally evicted, except, I have emotional impairments that were "tweaking" on me because of this.  As I told the authorities, I had no choice.  I would have either killed the landlord, or I would have killed myself.  "Kill" as in the taking of human life.
So reflecting on my previous 12-1/2 years in fire & rescue, I left.  And according to the authorities, nothing can be done. 

Except I FINALLY got the state anti-discrimination division to investigate (took four complaints), and they finally sided with me.  Except, because of their lack of action, we were past the 180 day complaint mark.  So *I* had to complain to HUD.  Except for one small problem- the state was OBLIGATED to file a mutual complaint with HUD upon the receipt of the complaint.  Except...keep iin mind that I had filed a complaint FOUR times already.  Even the state investigator that sided with me said this was wrong and should never have happened.

So far the HUD intake specialist says she sees a valid complaint on my end.  And since I was able to show proof of the initial complaint being well before the 12 month federal deadline, the investigation is going through.

Because of that informal eviction, I spent the entire spring 2016 semester homeless, living in either the cab of my truck or in the cab-over camper I had, except the cab-over had a black mold problem that I couldn't find until after I broadsided a snowbank.  Camper was destroyed and I am now in a small 12' 1953 Jet "tuna can trailer".

Another problem-
Last spring (of 2016) I was charged with disorderly conduct.  A simple infraction.  No jail.  Maximum $250 fine, and they planned on fining me $150.  Court found out about my impairments and they got me a public defender.  Charges were finally dismissed right before the trial. 

You see, because of my impairments, I am regularly abused by people.  It happens.  It is common-place.  So I record in order to protect myself.  I went into a business, a credit union, seeking a loan.  I have the money for the payments. 

Twice in one day I went in.  Initially, they wanted to know if I had an account.  Well, I did at one time, no idea what came of it.  But they couldn't find my info, we disagreed on whether I had a previous account or not so I left.  Peacefully.  No yelling.  No cussing.  No threats, direct, indirect or implied in any fashion.  Remember, I record these meets.  And it is completely legal (in Utah, at least).

No luck, so I returned and offered to the first credit union "I can forgive and forget".  And so we went through the loan process.  Loan was turned down, and throughout the entire time I was polite.  No yelling.  No cussing.  No threats, direct, indirect or implied in any fashion. 
Remember, I record these meets.

A few hours later a local cop I know called me and wanted to meet.  So he, a city cop, drives up into the mountains to meet with me.  Ok, I ain't no dummy.  What's wrong here?  Cops never call me to meet unless I'm in trouble.

Well, I was in trouble.  For yelling at the credit union.  Accusing me of threatening to report them to the feds for having bad credit.  LOL!  MY credit is MY fault!  What good is it to report that to the feds?  OMG!  Suffice it to say I was not in the best of moods.  So I got a ticket.

I later went over the recordings of the two meets with the credit union, and I have now solid proof it NEVER happened.  I offered the cops copies of the recordings, but to no avail. 

I had to force-feed the recordings I had of the meets.  They refused to accept those recordings for six months.  SIX MONTHS.  What's wrong with this picture?

So they got the recordings, the prosecutor listened to them, and dismissed the charges.  THAT'S GREAT! 


So now I'm in a pickle.  Here I am, going through the trauma of false charges, over a simple infraction.  These people committed misdemeanor B's when they filed false reports (five reports, five different reporting parties) and a felony 3 when they refused to provide the security videos (my PD did a motion for discovery and they refused to provide the video).  The video alone would have cleared me (it is amazing what you can see on a video). 

Another problem-
After the trial back in November when they dismissed the disorderly conduct charges, I complained to the city manager, and he told me I had been threatening to hurt people.  So I told him, "Ok, charge me".  He said no, but I told him again, "charge me".  It went back and forth, and so I asked him "How did I threaten anyone?".  He said because I told people how this abuse was "messing" with my PTSD.  It scared people.
I have it recorded.

So, if you made it this far (whew!)

And I am expected to "forgive and forget.  Just walk away".

THIS is why I have PTSD.
THIS is why I despise "normal people".

Because of the last three incidents, I am homeless.  Yeah, it's tolerable when it is spring to fall.  Except right now I am in a motel for the weekend.  I have already been in the tuna can in -16*F temps, and there is something about that when it's -9*F outside, and 0*F inside because the furnace decided to bite the dust.  I am camped 9 miles from college on public land.  I have no where else to go because of the "reputation" I already have.  I have, recorded, discrimination because of my age.  Told there is a state age cap of 30 years of age.  So the landlords want to protect the students (between 18-30) from evil 47 year old men like me.  One landlord told me that he is prohibited by law from renting to full-time college students.  Even though several of my college friends live there and they are full time students.

Yeah, that's the way to handle us cripples.  I have been trying hard to get back into college.  Daniel and I have discussed this before.  College after college after college, over and over.  Discrimination, over and over.

THAT is the harassment I get.  The discrimination.  And I am expected to not have any anger over this.

I'll refrain from the vulgar words I have for all of this.
I ask for prayers, blessings, you name it.  Referrals to a decent lawyer, I would be grateful.

Daniel, I ask for a place on this site to put the reports and recordings for their review.
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Post by Coll » 3 years ago

Cactus Jack,  I understand the discrimination given people with TBI and PTSD.  I have a friend that lost his kids because he had TBI and PTSD even though had been their primary caregiver for their whole life.

You have my prayers.

I too have TBI and PTSD.

Cactus Jack
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Post by Cactus Jack » 3 years ago

Problem five-
My home has been broken into over eleven times in the past three years.  Do the math on that.  Once every 3-1/4 months.  In real life it's is whenever anyone wants.  And the cops do nothing.  The cops, I feel, know who is doing it.

It is bad enough that I cannot "go home" without feeling unsafe.  I cannot take a crap on my own toilet, and feel safe.  I cannot take a shower in my own bathroom and feel safe.  I cannot even sleep in my own bed and feel safe.  No matter how locked up the doors are.  Eleven times someone got in.  And several of those we knew exactly which door they went through, yet the cops still failed to get finger prints.

Emotionally this is tearing me up.
The other night I nearly killed myself. First time I went that far since April of 2015.

I have told you guys about my home being unsafe. So many times it has been broken into (11+), and the cops are unresponsive. Well, I found out Monday night that criminal charges are pending against me. For making "terroristic threats".

After talking with the DA's office, and it seems my opinion offended the cops. 11+ times my home has been broken into, and my opinion of the cop's incompetence "offends them". So the night of the 14th I was up in Salt Lake City/Provo area trying to get into one of the mental health programs for a few nights. I was feeling suicidal and felt I'm better off there.

My loss as I found NO ONE....NO WHERE....that would even evaluate me. So I sat at the Smith's grocery store parking lot for half an hour with my pocket knife out, ready to do it's dirty work. Then I changed my mind, and I decided to go elsewhere instead of killing myself.

Earlier today I received a letter from the state. The charge is there, but I fail to see how as I threatened no one. 11 times my home is broken into, and the cops do nothing. The one time I express my feelings about the pigs and they want to put me away for up to 15 years.

I have reached out to Wasatch, Utah County, Utah Valley Medical, Central Utah, Four Corners, and even Uni. The only acceptable response was a guy at Utah Valley that went into panic mode telling me over and over "oh my god! You need the ER now!", but I drove around Provo and Orem and found nothing.

I couldn't go home for Christmas because I do not feel safe there. The cops are unresponsive.
Not just me, there is another woman there that also has problems, and I have personally reported three times I saw persons unknown prowling around her home. And the cops do nothing.  Now, I not only pay 1/3 of my paycheck into a house I cannot live in, but the cops are looking for a way to bust me.  Every way they can.
“The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.” -Ross Perot

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