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by UKRobin
3 years ago
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Disability discrimination
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Re: Disability discrimination

This post has the subject title of "Disability Discrimination" but i'm not seeing anybody address it as being discriminatory and it most certainly is!.

Contact the ADA and tell them the full story.
by UKRobin
8 years ago
Forum: Humor
Topic: Catch Phrase Competition
Replies: 5
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Re: Catch Phrase Competition

One of the best-known UK catchphrases has to be;

"Nice to see you, to see you, to see you nice" of course Bruce Forsyth. Jesus I am showing my age  :-o
by UKRobin
9 years ago
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: restaurant etiquette
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Re: restaurant etiquette

Thanks for posting this farquardt. This is a very tricky one and I can see things from both sides, firstly the restaurant does needs to think about other diners but I really do think it goes beyond that. My main concern would have been for the dignity of the disabled people, the carers should have c...
by UKRobin
9 years ago
Forum: Chat Room Actions
Topic: The Nature of the Beast
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Re: The Nature of the Beast

Nice post, very informative and enough warnings to make those intent on causing trouble and upset to sit up! Re Google, it is indeed a very powerful machine, what you have touched on is the very tip of the mighty machines powers, how it scans through websites collecting information, duplicate conten...